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Benchmark Ratings

More and more Big Betting punters are successfully using Benchmark Ratings (BMR) to get a clearer picture of the entire field's current performance.

Instead of just following big bets and the money flows, punters should take advantage of the BMR's comprehensive ratings system. This system will provide a view to the entire field and provide key indicators so that you can make even smarter betting choices.

If you are serious about punting here's a fantastic chance to get the BMR product at a discount!

For a one-off price of $220 with support and free upgrades for two years, anyone serious about punting can take their horse racing betting to a completely new level - learn more about BMR below.

How to get Benchmark Ratings?

The BMR product is now available at a great price point of just $220. That is a one-off purchase price, not a subscription. It includes all free upgrades for two years and full support. The BMR operates on 370 Australian racecourses and 209 International race tracks. Simply put, there's nothing like it.

Please submit the below pre-sales contact form, which entitles you to the discounted price of $220. The normal price is $285, so this is a great deal to grab today!

And there's a bonus. Purchase BMR and get a Punting Course as a bonus! Learn more about the Punting Course at bottom of page.

Benchmark Ratings explained

Benchmark Ratings had its genesis early in 2013 and although the design content can be seen to be wholly attributable to its creator, racing analyst Ken Blake, in reality it is the product of an on-going collaborative process between Ken and a host of skilled analysts where ideas were bounced around via regular channels of communication.

The concept was to create a program which primarily focused on each runner's immediate task at hand and to highlight strengths and deficiencies in relation to that task. This was realized by profiling each race and examining the overall field's performance against a number of Key Point Form Indicators to create a race benchmark. Each runner was then assessed against that benchmark accruing KPI performance points and thus developing a ranking order based on those points.

Performance monitoring and client feedback has facilitated on-going program improvements. By far the most significant upgrade and improvement in terms of performance has been accomplished by the integration of Real Time Market Movements which can alter ranking positions via impact of market dynamics. This we believe is a world first. Weight of money has been a long held racing tenet as the best guide to a runner's chance of winning, yet, from our research no other ratings product has market dynamics as an impact component of their ranking output... until now.

Benchmark Ratings was pitted against a number of other subscription services for performance assessment over many months and clearly outpointed them.

Our latest release now includes runners form with runs into prep statistics as well as individual jockey, trainer and combination ratings.

Easy user interface, just select meeting, which races you want processed - entire card (default), Quaddie only, or select individual races of choice, and hit Calculate - that's it.

Benchmark Ratings Screenshots (click to view in separate window):


Punting Course - Free with BMR!

The Punting Course is a document that goes through the following areas:

  • General gambling overview
  • Gambling mindset
  • Probability / true odds
  • Wagering platforms
  • Betfair
  • Gambling systems
  • For data / interpretation
  • Form analysis
  • Factors that matter
  • The issue of bias
  • Recovery and performance
  • Markets
  • Market framing*
  • Value
  • Risk management
  • Blueprint for success
  • Key points

*Market Framing (snippet)

To have the skills to be able to frame your own market on any horse race, is a major step toward acquiring the ability to mirror the success of the world's most successful punters and punting syndicates. Framing a market on any race is a simple or as complex as one want to make it. It is merely a case of assigning a numerical value to each runner based on its assessed chance in the event and to obtain the price divide that value into the total value of all runners in the race. As you can see the mechanics are quite simple but the complexity side of things comes into play in the process used to obtain each runners numerical value. It would be a case of how many form considerations the punter wishes to use to obtain the output figure on each runner. Many serious punters use sophisticated software to obtain both the output value of the runners and also to calculate the price based on those figures.

Included in the Punting Course are interview with prolific punters Deane Lester and Dominic Beirne.


Australia's leading media tipster Deane Lester said, "This is an excellent piece and addresses the dilemmas faced by the modern punter. It is an easy read, flows well and is very informative."

Sky Racing form analyst Alf Matthews said, "Your course is outstanding, well presented and brilliantly thought out. It all flows perfectly and fluently which will make it easier for all to understand."

With the purchase of the BMR you will receive the Punting Course for free. Submit the pre-sales inquiry above and you'll be on you way to punting better, smarter and you'll learn a whole lot along your journey!

The BMR is unique, professional and definitely worth the investment!
Henry - Admin.